25 May 2007

Life Drawing - Matt

Large lifedrawings of Matt (about A1). Drawn pretty quickly where the model would adopt a pose that could only be held for a few minutes.
Medium: Charcoal.

05 April 2007

Flower Oil Painting (Impasto)

This small floral painting is about A5 in size.
I think rather than use a brush, i used anything that was to hand in the studio: a small scrap of card or wood.

19 March 2007

Life Model

This life drawing was done with charcoal pencil and green pencil.
On card rather than white paper.

10 March 2007

Ink Drawing: Cat in Motion

Title: That Shaky Leg Thing that Cats Do.
Ink on Paper
Slightly smaller than A3
This took seconds, but it took many tries until I got what I wanted.
Property of S&S

28 February 2007

Glass of Water Oil Painting

Title: Surge.
This oil painting is 80cm x 100cm.
I was attracted by the simple play of light through the glass and of the ripple pattern on the side of the glass, which gave a certain dynamism to an otherwise static picture.