16 May 2006


This is an etching that has been overpainted. It is a reworking of a larger painting, Gravitas Still life, that I posted before. Although in this version I have rotated the image 90ยบ anti-clockwise.

The paper was treated with clear acrylic resin before applying the oil paint.

10 May 2006

Art Shop

Be one of the first to buy this amazing mousemat!
Thought I'd try out opening a cafepress shop here.
and added a link to it in the column to the right.
Pretty cool, easy to set up. Even Dilbert has a cafepress shop!
Maybe more items will get added later. Check back for updates.

09 May 2006


This painting is 24 inches square. It is a self portrait, based on my family motto "Confido." The family motto was on my keyring (hand symbol) so I included the set of keys in the foreground.

Location is in a kitchen and has a biblical feel to it as well. The oil jar, and mortar and pestle in the background are, at the same time, cooking instruments and tools of the artist.

Oil on canvas.

08 May 2006


This painting is called Observatory, not because there is an astronomical building nearby, but because it's an area near my home where I can see the stars a little better.

Going for a walk at night time in this area, the stars are more visible than from most places in town. Light pollution usually interferes, but from here I've even seen a few satellites.

Painting is alkyd and oil paint.
22 inches wide.

07 May 2006

Little Brother Figure Painting

"Little Brother Colin".
Yes, another inventive title for a painting. :p Sometimes it's easier describing what is in the picture.
And those are my feet at the bottom of the image. Colin posed for this picture but didn't stay awake for very long.
Cremnitz white oil paint was used in this to give it a more bulked up quality.
Painting is about 24 inches square.

06 May 2006

Encaustic Portrait

This 12 inch square piece was really an experimental artwork.
It is encaustic (wax) over oil paint.
Only 3 solid colours were used underneath, blue, red and pink, painted
with oil colour.
Over that I used wax with different pigments. A hot stylus was used to melt
the wax, a bit like a low power soldering iron.
The wax allows light to penetrate it a little before bouncing back out again,
giving a strange skin like quality. Scratching into the wax brought back the shocking red ground again.
Inspired by fayoum portraits I saw in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York,
which I visited a few years back.

05 May 2006

Small Nude

This is painting of a Milanese model.
This artwork was created again without the use of a brush.
Little pieces of card board were used to manipulate the paint on
the surface.
It's very small, just a few inches across.
Oil and spectragel on board,

04 May 2006

Pylon Man

This one is called Pylon Man.
It's Oil on canvas, measuring 22 x 20 inches.
I painted a smaller version of it before doing
this one. Maybe I'll post that one later.


03 May 2006

Glebe Impasto

This is called "Glebe".
It's oil paint on acrylic primed board.
Can't remember the exact dimensions of it
but I don't think it was more than 22 inches wide.
Using different tools, card, and sticks to make the marks
can be quite engrossing. Actually I don't think a brush was
used at all for this one.
A little diversion away from the more figurative paintings I usually

02 May 2006

Lara Croft and Turps

In this painting the idea of having a still life, and a human figurine
in the picture at the same time appealed to me.
The picture is titled "Two Bottles", one is an empty turpentine bottle,
while the other is a bottle of Lucozade, with the image of Lara Croft.

Image is 16 x 20 inches,
oil on acrylic primed canvas.

Enjoyable painting the subtle greys, and contrasting that with the zing
of the highly coloured bottle.