30 April 2006

Uninverted Vertigo

Another very large painting. This one is called "Uninverted Vertigo"and
is 8 feet x 5 feet.
Oil on acrylic primed canvas.
It was painted fairly quickly, with a more loose handling of the paint.
The plastic figure was placed on the edge of a chair.
I liked the fact that the figure had two different coloured arms.

29 April 2006

Abstract Arrangement

This painting is simply an image of the contents of a kitchen cupboard.
As I opened the door, the shapes and colours just seemed to be organised
in a certain way. I thougth of them just as shapes and colours, not as objects,
so I called it "Abstract Arrangement". It took quite a while to finish.

It's measures about 100cm x 80cm.
Oil and alkyd on linen.

28 April 2006

Gravitas Still Life

Another of my paintings. This one is called Gravitas Still Life.
It is painted with alkyd and oil paint over acrylic primed canvas.
Canvas measurements are 5 feet x 6 feet. Quite big.
Also the canvas is mounted on a box style frame so is about 3 inches deep.
The subject matter is of a plastic figure, on a table mat.

26 April 2006

Still Life Oil Painting.

"Game still life"
This is alkyd/oil on canvas.
7 feet x 5 feet.